Expert Author Joshua Clayton
Creative reality when productive, sets you on genuine fire. When it is not, and you do not have a goal. Nothing happens. With that seemingly random thought, I begin this article.
Sure, I could have had a more standard opening to this article, but, I could not think of one that would fit the epochal nature of the title, "A Life On Fire". In reality, I could say this, though: Reality to mean anything genuinely productive or good must be genuinely creative in the sense that beneficial actions must beget beneficial emotions, and not the other way around, where destructive or vengeful actions beget "fun", if you get my meaning here.
So, when I write about a life on fire, I am writing about Michelangelo in painting, arts and sculpture/Phidias in sculpture or Raphael-type creativity expanded into Albert Einstein with this revolutionary discoveries in math and physics or Lewis Latimer and the drawing of the light bulb schematics type genius, not Ferdinand Foch, Saddam Hussein or Napoleon Bonaparte type creativity in war and destruction. What I mean is, vengeance and war are never productive or creative, just destructive, however ingenious the techniques used, from well planned war maps and idea visualizations, right down to nuclear bombs or chemical dust from genetically engineered flowers or cleverly disguised poison sarin gas.
This I understand: Greatness is as greatness does, and evil is always just plain evil. Deeds always speak the loudest, and louder than even the best words, right down to Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali's boasting, although he did back that stuff up very well. But the quietest power is almost always the most potent, right down to the power of the wind when harnessed into electricity through its motions.
Indeed, to become a winner with a life on fire, you must always be productively creative, and not destructive.
In fact, when I think about reality, who gets the richest genuinely? Those who help people in a very real way through productive uses of ideas. The real poverty happens with revenge and selfishly destructive short-sighted thinking anyway. It is a given, reality when rightly lived is a far-reaching, productive idea acted on and nothing more anyway. Humanity only gains in a winning way when we are realistically creative. We must persist in this sense until we do succeed realistically. After all, existence itself always exists and never dies, and that persistence works in the same way. Here is the catch, though, we must change approaches if it does not work, but there is not any real quitting time, just as Alexander Graham Bell solved the problem of the phone with the turning of the screw to create a current where a voice could be carried without singing. Simple, yes, sometimes it is. But, creativity by its very nature is more complex than destruction anyway.