Expert Author Susan Leigh
Time is a precious commodity. Many of us don't really appreciate how important time is until we get a wake-up call, a reminder that each day needs to be valued and used as well as possible. Every so often we are confronted with a reminder of how quickly life can change and the importance of using time well. Let's look at some ways where it is important to heed that advice:
- Be decisive. Indecision can mean that we waste a lot of time dithering over which choice to take. Continually weighing up the pros and cons of a situation, consulting others, changing our mind can all affect our lives and the quality of the lives of those closest to us. Often there is no real way of knowing which would have been the best decision to have taken. Each path brings its own interesting direction in life. Once we have made a decision we can clear other options from our mind and commit to giving our choice our full attention.
- Take opportunities. Whenever opportunities come our way it is important to have a go. When we decide to take an opportunity we often find a way to make it work out well for us. Unexpected doors often open to ensure that we get a good outcome. Think of the disappointment and how we could end up living a life of regret if we let an amazing opportunity slip through our hands. And even if something doesn't work out as hoped at least we can say that we tried, had a go and achieved far more than by not trying. New experiences often teach us a lot.
- Do it now. Many people make plans to go on a diet, learn another language, improve their cooking skills, book the theatre and then get distracted and lose the momentum. Committing to actually doing something now results in a positive use of our time. Rather than wasting time by repeating old patterns of planning but never undertaking things, find a way of committing to doing things now. Book a lesson, enlist the support of friends or family and start with enthusiasm today.
- Have a good work/life balance. Using time well means finding time to work and play. That way both those areas of life become more enjoyable and satisfying. Too much work and we can become stressed, tired and resentful. Too much play and we can become bored, aimless and frustrated. Having occupation that demands effort from us followed by leisure time in which we exercise, socialize and play establishes a positive balance in life with better health and less stress.
Using time well means living in the present, enjoying what is happening now and giving it our full attention. Everything becomes more meaningful, from eating to playing to listening to music. Simple experiences become more valuable and special. That way we can say that we are making the most of our time and improving our quality of life.